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“Society expects high standards of behaviour from all people involved in sport and it’s vital the integrity of sport is maintained”.

– Australian Sports Commission, Essence of Australian Sport, 2016.

Today’s professional sports landscape faces unprecedented risks and challenges. Issues such as inappropriate player behaviour, doping, match fixing, corruption and organised crime have the potential to seriously impact the integrity of players, sporting organisations and the sporting industry as a whole.

Sportsafe Solutions specialise in best practice risk management solutions to protect athletes, sponsors, sporting organisations and their governing body’s brand, reputation, welfare and financial well being from the damage of integrity related risks.

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Paul Davis

Director Sportsafe Solutions

Darren Murphy

Integrity expert with a passion for helping companies and professional sporting organisations create safe speak up cultures.
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Match fixing and corruption in sport: The displacement effect

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On Sunday 12th March I was fortunate to be invited onto Fox Sports to be asked to share our opinion and insights into integrity issues in the NRL, specifically as they relate to the recent Tim Simona issue. Very grateful for the opportunity to share our thoughts in this space. Huge thanks to Andrew McKinlay and… Read More

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Good to see NRL CEO Todd Greenberg take a somewhat tough stance on the Ben Barba drug issue this week. With news breaking this week of Barba signing with French rugby giant Toulon to continue his playing career as he looks to serve his 12 match suspension, the NRL CEO has moved quickly to hose… Read More

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