Interview with Fox Sports on integrity in sport

On Sunday 12th March I was fortunate to be invited onto Fox Sports to be asked to share ourĀ opinion and insights into integrity issues in the NRL, specifically as they relate to the recent Tim Simona issue.

Very grateful for the opportunity to share our thoughts in this space. Huge thanks to Andrew McKinlay and Glen Lauder at Fox Sports!

Key take aways:

  • More can always be done to protect your reputation, your people and your bottom line
  • Education for players on the risks is super important, but it’s not enough – it’s just a start!
  • Lots of focus on rallying around players when something happens, but more needs to be done to create a safe speak up environment so players can speak up safely, without fear of impacting their reputation, to report concerns for a team mate who might be going through issues before it becomes a crisis
  • Oh yeah, and being on TV for the first time is a little nerve racking, but lots of fun!

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