DarrMurphen is Director and Co-Founder of Sportsafe Solutions and specialises in integrity and misconduct investigations as well as fraud and bribery & corruption as well as providing incident response and advisory

Darren has over 20 years experience in leading and managing the investigation of complex and sensitive matters across both government and the private sector.

Darren most recently worked as an Executive Manager leading the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s main Group Investigations team where he was accountable for leading a diverse team of investigators responding to fraud and misconduct investigations.

Darren has extensive experience in leading and providing investigative and advisory services across both the government and private sector.

Experience Summary:

  • led one of Australia’s largest bribery & corruption investigation involving senior executives receiving kickbacks and secret commissions
  • serious misconduct involving serious breach of policies and codes of conduct
  • serious internal fraud
  • data loss/breach
  • proactive analytics that uncovered fraud and corruption
  • review and implementation of whistle-blower hotline
  • multi-million dollar mortgage and lending fraud
  • serious misconduct and harassment

Email: darren@sportsafesolutions.com | Mobile: +61 466 716 736