Why should sports be concerned about Integrity Risk Management?

Integrity related issues such as inappropriate player behaviour, match fixing, high risk associations, organised crime, doping and drug use have a major negative effect on sports codes, clubs and their people. Sportsafe provides the right risk management framework to help codes and clubs proactively manage these issues and prevent the negative impact they can have on sponsors, brand and reputation, financial position, regulatory and stakeholder relationships and your players and people.

Don’t integrity issues just happen? Can anything really be done?

Yes you can take positive steps to detect these issues early or prevent them all together. We are the experts at conducting Integrity Risk Assessments which identify your existing risks, integrity framework, polices, standard procedures and your reporting channels. With the right education, training and awareness we can ensure your integrity risks are managed and you are in control.

We already have a Public Relations team, is this the same thing?

No. Waiting until integrity issues hit the media and engaging your Public Relations team is Crisis Management not Risk Management. Avoiding the future costs and negatively publicity of integrity issues can be achieved by proactive action now.  Meaning your Public Relations team can liaise with the media on positive stories in your strategic plan and related to your long term success.

Are their any obligations on Directors to do anything?

On the back of recent integrity scandals the domestic and international sporting community is discussing the need for integrity related obligations which will over arch professional sports.

In 2016 the Australian Sports Commission came out with Directors Guidelines which cover what they expect directors of sports clubs to be doing in this space. These guidelines reaffirm the need for the Integrity Risk Management services Sportsafe provide.


How do I engage your services?

To engage Sportsafe Solutions or for some initial advice, contact Paul or Darren using the Contact Us page.




What is a behavioural ‘red flag’?

With the right training and awareness it is possible to identify behaviours that may be early warning signs (or ‘red flags’) of misconduct or integrity concerns. Early detection is key as this allows the behaviour to be addressed before more serious incidents occur.