Sportsafe’s integrity risk management services include:

Integrity Framework Advisory Services ⇒ Ensure your organisation is fully equipped with the right Integrity Risk Management Framework and processes to appropriately manage integrity and misconduct issues. Our framework and advisory services cover policies, education and awareness, due diligence, communication and escalation procedures, people and culture, insights and reporting. Click here for more information on our Integrity Framework and Advisory Services and the benefits for your organisation.

Sports Integrity Hotline ⇒ Sport’s first truly anonymous method to report integrity and misconduct related issues. The Sportsafe Integrity Hotline is confidential, secure and independent which means people feel safe to report issues and you are aware of issues earlier, so you can take appropriate action. Click here to view our explainer video and for more information on our Sports Integrity Hotline.

Investigation and Incident Response Services ⇒ Provide sporting organisations with independent technical skills, resources and expertise to get control of incidents early. By ensuring the right processes are followed and removing potential conflicts of interest we ensure you have all the information you need to achieve the right outcome.  Click here for more information on the benefits of our Investigation and Incident Response Services.

“We’re now entering a zero tolerance era for sponsors”.

– Sports sponsorship agency Generate, 2016.