“39.1% of integrity reports come through tip-off”

– Report to the Nations fraud and abuse, 2016.

Too often players, employees or sponsors see warning signs of serious issues but don’t know what to do or where to report their concerns. Other times reluctance may come from fear of being identified or not being protected if they speak up. Left unreported and unable to be managed, these issues impact upon both on and off-field performance.

What if there was a way to ensure issues such as, player misconduct or inappropriate behaviour, salary cap or third party payments, match fixing or corruption, doping and illicit drug use were reported early and you could obtain additional information, documentation and evidence in relation to the report?

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Reports through the platform are received in real time and encrypted every time, whether they are reported anonymously or not, to protect the person reporting. It is the first truly anonymous platform which still allows more information to be obtained by the person reporting via the secure two-way platform.

The Sportsafe Solutions team assesses all reported matters on your behalf and keep you informed. And when the matter is finalised we can provide the person reporting with an update without ever compromising their identity.

Our secure platform and professional assessment gives you complete confidence matters are being dealt with confidentially and appropriately. This ensures you are in control with timely, accurate and reliable information to make the right decisions and achieve the right outcome. Click here for information on our Investigation and Response Services.

Check out our explainer video below: