“The influence of organised crime on sport is increasing, with criminal groups involved in the trafficking of performance enhancing drugs also engaged in laundering, corruption, match fixing and fraud”

– World Anti-Doping Authority, Organised Crime and Drugs in Sports, 2013.

In today’s professional sports landscape it is imperative players, clubs and codes are aware of the types of criminal activity and integrity risks which can impact upon their organisation and how to manage them. Professional sports are under increased scrutiny from all stakeholders including sponsors, media, regulators, fans and the wider community to ensure integrity issues and allegations of player misconduct are appropriately assessed and investigated.

If not investigated early, issues such as player misconduct or behavioural ‘red flags’, inappropriate associations, third party payments or salary cap discrepancies, match fixing and corruption, doping and illicit drug use will have a destabilising and long lasting impact.

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Sportsafe Investigations puts you in control with dedicated, reliable investigative and fact finding services. We have the resources and experience necessary to ensure matters are handled professionally and with due process which meets policy, workplace relations, evidentiary and legal requirements.

We are available to assist you whether a matter has been reported and assessed through the Sportsafe Integrity Hotline or has come to your attention another way. Critically for your risk management and stakeholder needs, our services are independent, which removes potential conflicts of interest you may have which could prevent you carrying out a fact based investigation or following due process.

Professional investigation of misconduct and integrity issues demonstrates to your stakeholders that you are serious about the values and culture of your organisation. Click here to see more about how you can implement the right Integrity Risk Management Framework for your organisation.